5 Trends for Digital Marketing for 2014.

With the growing popularity of digital marketing, the need for using advanced technologies and devices which help communicate digitally is also growing very rapidly. People have been crazily using devices such as mobiles, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc in order to transfer messages and content digitally. Also more improvised versions of marketing is growing popular amongst the current generation using these digital devices. Hence there is a drastic shift in the digital marketing trend these days.

Having worked in the digital marketing field for a couple of years now, our company has been following these digital marketing strategies to increase our digital marketing and sales.

1-Content is still the King!

Content is the master driving force in any marketing strategy. There are various types of content to be supported :

  • Text Content

    This is a plain text content without any images. It might include links to other sources and the text pertaining to the actual content. This text content is very useful if main theme for digital item to be marketed is highlighted in the content.

  • Infographics

    These are graphical representation or visual presentation of the information that need to be expressed while marketing the digital content.

  • Video Content

    These days people tend to promote their content through videos rather than doing it just text content. People remember more clearly and specifically if they visually see the main idea that is explained behind the digital marketing

2-Social Signals Getting More and More Value.

Social media is a carrier force for digital marketing these days

  • Google+

    Google+ being the second largest social network of users with over 300 million users who help boost digital marketing.

  • Twitter

    The more you tweet and promote your digital content, the more it reaches people be it friends, relatives or circle in a group.

  • Facebook

    Likes This is the most common tool anyone is using these days. Hence if you share your digital data, it is going to spread like fire.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

  • 3-Mobile Accessible Websites Win The Game.

    With the growing trend of vast majority people using mobile phones which act as a powerful tool   is attracting huge number of followers. In digital marketing, requirements are constantly changing and the need to satisfy these changes are also increasing. With the growing usage of devices such as mobile/smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices, marketing strategies are shifting from publishing content in web to mobile and many of these smart phone devices. Your site content should be supported both online and on mobiles.

    With the growing needs of using mobile content, its popularity is increasing day by day amongst all. 93% of content marketers tend to use these sites for their promotion and digital marketing and is expected to increase even more in the year ahead. Also, it is very easy for shopping content through mobile as they can purchase the the products and services from smart phones more conveniently.

    4. Search Engines find information that People are liking.

    You can promote digital content and gain higher hits to your site using web and mobile pages. The more informative the website is, more people can trust you, your site and the content you gain from users and search engines.  Generating affiliate income is growing its popularity day by day. People are using PTC, Google adsense, adwords and many other for generating affiliate income. The more the content is liked, page hits and ad clicks increases, hence affiliate income increases since PTC increases.

    5-Big Data Marketing keep Getting Bigger.

    Big data marketing has every potential to lead the marketing world if you utilize it appropriately. It is similar to a secret raw material used to flavor digital marketing. Big data is really a great deal in digital marketing. The reasons why big data helps in digital marketing are

    • Big data helps to understand your customers in a finer way. Marketing teams document  their business strategies, meetings and conclusions via a digital trail in which tracking tools ad analytical tools help measure and analyze what amount of digital content is gaining popularity and which one needs more attention.
    • Big data has got tremendous attention over past few years and people have learnt how to collect and manage data. Companies that have learnt how to analyze this data have been successful in increasing ROI and make quick decisions.
    • Real time results are equally got in case of big data as it gives the detail analytics of all the content being accessed, and content which needs improvement. Local audience are targeted after changes are made to the campaign. This way, it will help digital marketers to make necessary improvements.
    • A whole lot of advertising budget is separately kept for digital marketing. Using big data, companies are trying to optimize their marketing campaigns and make real time modifications.


Google’s Page Rank Update December 6th 2013.

On 6th October 2013 Google Head of Spam Department Matt Cutts tweet that there will be no more Page Rank Update in 2013. Then a user retweets, If its update before 2013?? Then Matt replied that it would be a Surprised.

After that many webmasters posting about that Google Page rank is dead. I have also Read this kinds of rumors. But today Suddenly Google update the Page Rank. I think this is the Charismas Gift from Google to webmasters. Page Rank Update

Google Also cleared that Page rank is no more major factor in Ranking of any Website as Quality Content, Social Engagement, and High Page Authority are.

We also got not a Big Change after this update but our Pr is Now N/A to “0”. And Alexa Rank is now 706188 from 3301516.


Generating income by Means of Affiliate Marketing.

Generating income is a complex feat simply because not everyone goes out of their comfort zones and comes back with tons of money in their pocket. Money does not grow on trees or you cannot simply get to pick coins outside the streets. Money comes to people who truly work hard. Wait, now, this is a more complex responsibility.

Many individuals say that in order for you to find the appropriate gig that would aid you in having significant amount of money is to look for which suits up your preferences, passion in life, and most importantly, your interest. This is practically true in all aspects. But even if your interests are founded in the internet, you need not to worry because they can still give you the profit destined for your needs.affiliate-marketing

One of the most efficient and effective ways to generate money in the internet is by means of affiliate marketing. If you are hooked in to advertisements, writing contents, promotions, and other social media planning, this may be the perfect gig for you. In the realm of affiliate marketing, you generate money by coming up with efficient referrals to a particular company or brand, so to speak. You are asked to supplement a product or brand to internet audience and have them purchase it. You can perform this by initializing an internet accounts for the said brand simply by posting contents and articles on your own blog.

A very effective industry that goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing is travel business. This is because of the tremendous efforts by resort and travel clubs to attract customers using internet marketing. The purpose is to generate subscription and memberships by linking into a market of broader reach. This also includes travelers and tourists from other parts of the world.

When you perform affiliate marketing for a travel company, each successful referral will earn you a commission. You can build a website that is specifically destined for the travel club’s promotion. Inside it, you can post contents about what the business can offer the audience. As soon as a specific customer becomes engaged in it, you may begin the process of membership referral. Inevitably, the travel company of which you are considered as an affiliate would give you a commission that is based on the membership grant that your referral has paid for.

There are several packages that you can showcase when you perform affiliate marketing. In travel companies, the most effective package that you can give and will supplement you a better rate in terms of commission is the premier package. The bonuses and perks of this kind of package would be known by the travel company. But since it would accumulate a bigger income for the travel company as the premier package is priced at a larger fee, the commission that you would obtain is also larger as it has direct proportion to the fee being charged to the customer.

And because of significant returns in its financial aspect, tons of individuals are now attempting to deal with affiliate marketing.  But before you can be regarded as an affiliate, you have to ensure that you know are well versed on the niche that you will be promoting. As in any regular marketing and selling gig, individuals would trust you a lot if they feel that you know anything and everything about that particular niche. The more confidence audience put in you, the bigger your chances of having network of referrals.

Affiliate marketing is truly an effective way of generating money in the internet. You have a tried and tested formula to channel with so you should not worry in its operations. This would also give you the security against scams because being an affiliate gives you the freedom to link with a network with members who possess sound and upright credentials.

How can a Real Digital Advertising Company help You.

Adideo The Digital Advertising Agency Stands Up to Make your Advertising Campaign with the Following Strategies. You Can see this Video for how and what we can do for You.

Video Transcript.
1. Application and Website Development: To make sure your Product Look Goods Always.
2. Social Strategy: To Find out the Best way of Advertising for your Service/product.
3. Mobile Strategy: To make your product accessible from mobiles and smartphones.
4. We Apply a Search Strategy: To Make your Search Engine Performance Well.
5. Brand Strategy and Planning: To make your Brand Strong and Recognized.
6. Media Planning: To include Media in your Advertising Campaign.
7. Social Media Planning: Planning towards the Strong Social profile.
8. User and task Analysis/Analytics report.

Have you ever know any dangerously digital company??
We Are Adideo and we are Dangerously Digital Always.

5 Tools which should be used for Email Marketing.

Email marketing is a type of online marketing that includes the use of email messages which involves both promotional marketing and advertising to current and prospective customers. Email marketing requires you to handle tasks like auto responding, managing subscriptions, sending emails to your potential customers and sending follow up emails. This can become quite a hand full but with the help of proper tools you easily manage your email lists. Email marketing can also be used to create a solid Social Media Strategy and Social Media Planning.

Email Marketing Tools that every Digital Adverting Agency can use.


Icontact is an award winning email marketing tool that is easy to use whether you are a new email marketer or an experienced one. You can easily add your own HTML codes and customize the email as you please. This email marketing tool offers features like message builder toolbar for quick and easy email campaign creation, message coders for custom HTLM emails, social network sharing buttons in the email, and publishing to Facebook and Twitter options. iContact has a 30 day free trial and its price scales on the number of email subscribers you have. It also offers 15% discount on annua

emal marketing

Best Email Marketing tool.

l payment.

2-Get Response

Get Response is an email marketing tool that can help you design and create beautiful

emails and newsletters. This is best suited for people who want to design their own emails to promote their business or product. It offers features like smart editing, snippets saving, HTLM code editor, pre designed templates, and over 1000 iStock images for creating and designing emails and newsletters. Get Response offers payment plans based on the number of subscribers you have and they even offer discount on annual payment.


Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that was launched in 1998. It has over 500,000 customers worldwide.  It offers lots of different resources to new and expert email markets on its website. You can even sign up for its affiliate marketing program and many other professional partnering opportunities. It offers features like one click editing, over 400 di

fferent customizable email templates, free email and live chat support, and social media connectivity outposts. Constant Contact has a 60 days free trail with a $15 monthly subscription fee.


MailChimp is a powerful email marketing tool. It is easily to setup for new email marketers but with some experience you can do wonders. It is serving over 250,000 customers in different industries. It has features like forever free plan up to 12,000 email per month with 2,000 subscribers, customizable forms and email list, Facebook integration, and it also comes with a iPad app called Chimpadeedoo. MailChimp offers different payment plans like monthly plan, pay as you go, nonprofit and even a completely free version.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is another easy to use email marketing tool for both new and expert email markets. It has features like free list management tools, over 700 email and newsletter templates, postcards, survey, free webinar and marketing guides that can help you further improve your email marketing campaign. Vertical Response offers a 30 day free trial with a pay as you go payment program.

Best practices for Digital media planning.

Digital media advertisement is quite essential for every business. That is why you need to have a good plan for using digital media to your advantage. Digital media planning is a vast subject that can’t be mastered over night but with the help of some tips and methods you can improve your digital media planning skills to help your businesses.
As the landscape of digital media keeps changing, you need to have solid plan as well as a backup plan to go with the changes. Some marketer says that it’s best to use sites that have higher ranking but that’s not always that case. Sometimes you will find sites that don’t rank too high but target the people you are looking for. As long as that site has relevant content you should use it regardless of what its ranking is, best thing to do is use some tool to find a good ranking website that targets the same people as you.
Three things you need to keep in mind when planning for digital media, your campaign launch plan as in how you are going start your digital media campaign, your optimization plan as in how you are going to optimization your campaign one you have start and Digital marketing

your site change plan which is needed when you have to change websites.
Once you have mapped out a good plan and started your campaign, it’s time to use the different features of digital media to your advantage. You should spread your campaign to different social and mobile platforms and use retargeting to help with your campaign. You should always keep track of your campaign, so you can fix or improve your campaign if needed.
As always, your message should be clear and simple. Providing the right information without making your message look bad is the key thing. Always remember you goals and stay focus, most marketer start using different websites that do not share the same targeted people as them. As a result their campaign is slowed and they have to work harder to reach their goals.
When it comes to digital media buying, you should always make sure that you have the complete knowledge of the deal. Always work with publishers that are known to fulfill their promises and are quick to fix any issues you are facing. Most marketers make the mistake of trusting an unknown publisher and suffer as they lose time and money on a fake publisher.
In short, digital media planning is not a skill you can master over night. It takes some time to understand and use but once you start your campaign you get to learn the ways. Make sure you stay focused on your goals and use all the features that digital media provides. Most important thing to remember is to keep your messaged clean and easy to understand. Even if a visitor doesn’t click on your ad, they will still read it and it might benefit you later on.

How Digital Advertising Can Save your Time and Money.

Digital advertising is also known as internet advertising. This advertising method uses the internet, smart phones, hand held media devices and even electronic billboards to promote a business or a product. The four most popular digital advertising types are, electronic billboards, web based marketing, viral marketing and audio advertising. Digital advertising can save you a fair amount of time and money as digital advertising is comparatively cheaper.
The electronic billboards are the digital version of a normal billboard. They are quite cost effective because lots of different advertisements run on a single electronic billboard and the expense is shared amongst them. They are also provides you the freedom to change or add new designs within a day or two.
The web based marketing is the form of digital advertising that targets internet users as they visit a website. This includes pop up ads, banners and video advertisements. This method can save you a lot of time and money as you do not have to print different copies of your advertisement for each person.
Viral marketing is another type of digital advertising that uses existing customers to spread the word about your product or business by using social networks, groups, emails or any other online media. With this method you can save time and money because your existing customers will tell others about your product or business but in return you would have to reward that customer with either some kind of points or discounts on your products.
The audio advertising is a type of digital advertising that focuses on people who listen to internet radios, live streaming digital radios or podcasts. While radios or podcasts don’t really run advertisement, but they do play sponsor messages. This method also saves you some money as you do not have to create a banner or video and you can also change your sponsor message any time you like without any worries.
One of the most common methods that can save money is by sharing an ad space with some other business. Cross promotion is a cheap way to get more customers. If you partner with a business that targets the same customer as you then you would be able to attract new customers more efficiently.
Another most commonly used method of digital adverting is by using a blog site. You can use a free blog site to save money but it is a bit time consuming as you would have to add contents about your product or business to your blog to attract new customers.
The most important thing to remember is to have a clean and easy to understand advertisement. Your ad needs to be so good that it only take a few seconds to fully understand them. It should also stand out and drive the viewer to click it. Remember if your ad is not good enough, it won’t really matter how many different methods you use to spare it around, you won’t be able to get new customers with it.

How to Recover Website Ranking From Google Hummingbird Update.

As we all Know that Google is the only worldwide using Search Engine that use for mostly all Purpose like Web Search, Blogs Search, Image Search, Document Search Etc. According to a survey Google can give you 80% organic traffic if your website is in Top Ten Search Engine Results Pages. Google is the only Search Engine that gives you Accurate Results for any Search Query. Because of this perfection everyone is hunting for a Better position on Google to promote their product and gain organic traffic. For the sack of achieving this targeted position some people or Marketers (Not You! :D) cross the limitations of ethical SEO practice that generally called spamming.

Because of this Spamming Google generally update their algo which they associate with a specific name like.

Google Penguin Update — April 24, 2012
Google Penguin 1.1 (#2) — May 25, 2012
Google Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update — September 27, 2012
Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013
And the latest one is
Google Hummingbird — August 20, 2013

If your website is affected by Google Humming Bird Update then you can recover it if you follow these Steps.

1)Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Content Marketing is a very important aspect of SEO now days. Google always follow the Quality Content which is informative and a Little Bit helping. Also you have to update and share fresh content at least after every 2 days. It will also help you to get building your brand to a specific audience.

2)Get More Social.

If Your Social profile is not so strong then you have to work on this. The involvement of Social Media is very necessary to earn natural Links and it will also help people to share your Content in their Community.

3)Say Bye to Irrelevant Niche links Building.

If you are thinking that link building does not work after this update, then you have to think again about this, Google loves links since he was a Child :). But truly it doesn’t mean that you can buy 10,000 link for $15. Always try to build natural links. Google Loves those links which are coming from the mid of a relevant discussion paragraph naturally. I repeat “naturally”. If you have already build thousand of un-natural back-links. Then you don’t have to worry about this, you can use Google disavowed backlink Tool for removing all those worthless links.

4)Do Keywords Analysis Again.

Keywords research is not a one time job. If you did not optimize your keywords strategy then it’s time to give a Look to this. You need to work on some new keywords relevant to your niche and use them in your website content, titles, Descriptions, Alt.txt etc. Remember the variation of usage of keywords is very important please avoid using one keyword many times.

Google is the recognized Search Engine all over world and it will never compromise on the quality its providing. So always make sure to update yourself and work under the line of ethical SEO Practice. Do Research once a month to checking out the areas in you are working.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work ?

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you are paid by promoting other people’s or company’s products. The payment is commission based and you get paid each time someone buys the product you are promoting.
Affiliate marketing has no payment limit and you can do it by setting at home. All you have to do is pick the right product and the method of promotion that feels easier for you. In a way Affiliate marketing is similar to online marketing or internet marketing.
In this digital age, most companies are rewarding affiliates for bringing in new customers but the affiliate is paid only when the sale is completed. For example a company pays 5% commission to the affiliate on every purchase they generate. This might be a small commission but if you pick the right product you can generate sales on a regular basis.
Different companies have different commission rates. The lowest commission rate is 1% and the highest rate is up to 75%. Beauty and health related products have the average commission of 30% and are known to generate the most sales.affiliate
Most affiliate marketing programs are free to join but they have different criteria for approval. To become a successful affiliate you will need to generate regular sales. You should also pick a product that you know. Having knowledge of the product helps you sell it better as you get to explain it better and know which people to target.
Before picking your affiliate marketing program, you should ask yourself. Will you buy this product? If the answer is yes, then you will be able to promote that product better. There are some affiliate marketing programs that even assign you a mentor. With the help of a mentor, you are able to understand more about the product and are able to generate more sales.
Some of the most common affiliate marketing programs or methods include SEO (organic search engine optimization), paid search engine marketing, PPC (pay per click), E-mail marketing, and display advertising. Other less orthodox methods include publishing the reviews of different products or services offered by the partner company.
The easiest way to promote a product is by having a blog site. If you already have a blog site, you can start promoting different products on it. If not, then you should make a free blog site, you can easily set up a blog site within minutes. With a website you can promote different products but that can be quite confusing from a visitor’s point of view. So it is better to stick with one or two products on your website.
Once you have picked your affiliate marketing program or method and the product you can start generating sales. At first you won’t have many sells but once you get the hold of things you will start to earn more and more. One thing to remember is that affiliate marketing will not make you rich over night and it does require you to work. But on top of everything else you should always remember that affiliate marketing should be enjoyed as you get the flexibility to work when and where you want.

Getting good SEO advice.

SEO stands for search engine optimization or search engine optimizer. SEO is a process of affecting a web page or a website visibility on a search engines ‘non-paid’ search result. In other words, the higher a website is ranked or more frequently it is displayed in a search result page, the more visitors it will generate.

SEO can target different types of searches like local search, image search, video search, academic search, news search and many others. SEO plays an important role in internet marketing strategy and online marketing strategy. Most search engine marketing methods use SEO that can adjust or even rewrite the contents of a website to score higher ranks in a search engine’s result page.

The SEO needs to consider how a search engine works, what do the people search for, what keywords people type into a search engine and most importantly, which search engine  is preferred by the targeted people. SEO might require you to edit your websites content or codes by adding specific keywords or phrases.

Nowadays, you can easily hire an SEO to increase your websites search rating and help generate more viewers. You can also pay a search engine marketing company to list your website in their result page; this is also known as sponsored listing. The paid listing of a website is either listed under the main result area or in a separate section on a result page. Search engines like Google and Ask.com show these kind of paid results separately.

The most easy way to optimize your website is to add keywords or phrases in the title of your webpage or in the contents of the web page. When someone types a word or phrase in a search engine, the search engine then looks for that word or phrase all over the internet. The search engine starts by looking at a website name then its contents. If it finds the word or phrase, it then adds it to the list of other websites it found.

Apart from the keyword, the search engine also looks at your website and checks if it is worthy of higher rank or lower rank. This means that you would want to have aquality website with fresh content and you would also have to keep your website well maintained.

SEO is not solely about adding keywords or tricking a search engine, it’s also about the quality of a website. As stated above, search engines also ranks a website on its quality, after all if a search engine displays lower quality websites, it will lose viewers to a search engine that shows higher quality websites.

In short, to score higher ranks in a result page, you should keep these points in mind. Your web page should contain the relevant search term; your webpage should have useful and good quality contents, your page should load quickly and should not have any broken links. But the most important thing to remember is that your web page should not be filled with a list of cheap keywords just to generate views.