How to Recover Website Ranking From Google Hummingbird Update.

As we all Know that Google is the only worldwide using Search Engine that use for mostly all Purpose like Web Search, Blogs Search, Image Search, Document Search Etc. According to a survey Google can give you 80% organic traffic if your website is in Top Ten Search Engine Results Pages. Google is the only Search Engine that gives you Accurate Results for any Search Query. Because of this perfection everyone is hunting for a Better position on Google to promote their product and gain organic traffic. For the sack of achieving this targeted position some people or Marketers (Not You! :D) cross the limitations of ethical SEO practice that generally called spamming.

Because of this Spamming Google generally update their algo which they associate with a specific name like.

Google Penguin Update — April 24, 2012
Google Penguin 1.1 (#2) — May 25, 2012
Google Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update — September 27, 2012
Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013
And the latest one is
Google Hummingbird — August 20, 2013

If your website is affected by Google Humming Bird Update then you can recover it if you follow these Steps.

1)Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy.

Content Marketing is a very important aspect of SEO now days. Google always follow the Quality Content which is informative and a Little Bit helping. Also you have to update and share fresh content at least after every 2 days. It will also help you to get building your brand to a specific audience.

2)Get More Social.

If Your Social profile is not so strong then you have to work on this. The involvement of Social Media is very necessary to earn natural Links and it will also help people to share your Content in their Community.

3)Say Bye to Irrelevant Niche links Building.

If you are thinking that link building does not work after this update, then you have to think again about this, Google loves links since he was a Child :). But truly it doesn’t mean that you can buy 10,000 link for $15. Always try to build natural links. Google Loves those links which are coming from the mid of a relevant discussion paragraph naturally. I repeat “naturally”. If you have already build thousand of un-natural back-links. Then you don’t have to worry about this, you can use Google disavowed backlink Tool for removing all those worthless links.

4)Do Keywords Analysis Again.

Keywords research is not a one time job. If you did not optimize your keywords strategy then it’s time to give a Look to this. You need to work on some new keywords relevant to your niche and use them in your website content, titles, Descriptions, Alt.txt etc. Remember the variation of usage of keywords is very important please avoid using one keyword many times.

Google is the recognized Search Engine all over world and it will never compromise on the quality its providing. So always make sure to update yourself and work under the line of ethical SEO Practice. Do Research once a month to checking out the areas in you are working.