5 Online Advertising trends to be watched in 2014.

Online advertising has been very crucial for any business that needs to succeed in its business endeavor. In 2014 the trend in online advertising is expected to change at a very high rate.  With these changes it will be very easy for marketers to direct their products to their target audience. In addition to this online advertising is not only going to be affordable but also very reliable. In 2014 many businesses online are advised to embrace new online marketing techniques so as to realize all their marketing goals. The following is a list of the five trends in online advertising that should be embraced in 2014

  • Increased content marketing – In online advertising having a good strategy in content organization is very essential. The content should be created uniquely and also it should be relevant to the products being marketed. The content being used in online advertising should bring out clear and well explained guidelines that consumers will understand easily and relate to the services or products on offer.  With increased content marketing, marketers will have an easy time realizing good results in the long run.
  • Increased market research – In 2014 another trend that should be watched is increased market research. Marketers should do extensive research on the products or services they intend to offer. Carrying out research is very necessary because it will provide more information and ideas about the kind of products or services businesses intend to offer.  With this knowledge consumers will not be blind folded and will get the best products in the market and also marketers will have the needed knowledge to develop a good social media strategy. In light of this, it is therefore essential that companies go an extra mile in gathering information about the type of markets they are targeting.
  • More emphasis in mobile marketing –The use of mobile marketing is a very great step in online advertising. The mobile phones are portable and therefore its users can move with them around with a lot of ease. Due to the mobility of mobile phones it’s very easy for marketers to reach their target audience without any difficulty. In addition to this consumers can respond to the messages within a very good duration of time. Mobile marketing is also very cheap and affordable. The more bulk of messages sent the lower the cost price and as such 2014 will be a big year for mobile marketing in online advertising.
  • Better evaluation metrics -2014 will also bring with it improved and better evaluation and monitoring metrics in online advertising. Although traditional marketing evaluation metrics for marketers who have an affiliate network website such Google analytic will continue to play a great role in evaluating and monitoring customer responses, marketers this year are also expected to come up with new ways to conduct this activity.
  • Better industry engagement –Another trend to look out for in online advertising this year is a relatively better engagement between marketers and their specific market targets. Online advertising has been one of the few marketing tools that have proved very effective in reaching out potential customers and in 2014 this will get even better. These five trends will for sure define the measures of success in mobile advertising in the coming twelve months.

5 Trends for Digital Marketing for 2014.

With the growing popularity of digital marketing, the need for using advanced technologies and devices which help communicate digitally is also growing very rapidly. People have been crazily using devices such as mobiles, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc in order to transfer messages and content digitally. Also more improvised versions of marketing is growing popular amongst the current generation using these digital devices. Hence there is a drastic shift in the digital marketing trend these days.

Having worked in the digital marketing field for a couple of years now, our company has been following these digital marketing strategies to increase our digital marketing and sales.

1-Content is still the King!

Content is the master driving force in any marketing strategy. There are various types of content to be supported :

  • Text Content

    This is a plain text content without any images. It might include links to other sources and the text pertaining to the actual content. This text content is very useful if main theme for digital item to be marketed is highlighted in the content.

  • Infographics

    These are graphical representation or visual presentation of the information that need to be expressed while marketing the digital content.

  • Video Content

    These days people tend to promote their content through videos rather than doing it just text content. People remember more clearly and specifically if they visually see the main idea that is explained behind the digital marketing

2-Social Signals Getting More and More Value.

Social media is a carrier force for digital marketing these days

  • Google+

    Google+ being the second largest social network of users with over 300 million users who help boost digital marketing.

  • Twitter

    The more you tweet and promote your digital content, the more it reaches people be it friends, relatives or circle in a group.

  • Facebook

    Likes This is the most common tool anyone is using these days. Hence if you share your digital data, it is going to spread like fire.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

  • 3-Mobile Accessible Websites Win The Game.

    With the growing trend of vast majority people using mobile phones which act as a powerful tool   is attracting huge number of followers. In digital marketing, requirements are constantly changing and the need to satisfy these changes are also increasing. With the growing usage of devices such as mobile/smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices, marketing strategies are shifting from publishing content in web to mobile and many of these smart phone devices. Your site content should be supported both online and on mobiles.

    With the growing needs of using mobile content, its popularity is increasing day by day amongst all. 93% of content marketers tend to use these sites for their promotion and digital marketing and is expected to increase even more in the year ahead. Also, it is very easy for shopping content through mobile as they can purchase the the products and services from smart phones more conveniently.

    4. Search Engines find information that People are liking.

    You can promote digital content and gain higher hits to your site using web and mobile pages. The more informative the website is, more people can trust you, your site and the content you gain from users and search engines.  Generating affiliate income is growing its popularity day by day. People are using PTC, Google adsense, adwords and many other for generating affiliate income. The more the content is liked, page hits and ad clicks increases, hence affiliate income increases since PTC increases.

    5-Big Data Marketing keep Getting Bigger.

    Big data marketing has every potential to lead the marketing world if you utilize it appropriately. It is similar to a secret raw material used to flavor digital marketing. Big data is really a great deal in digital marketing. The reasons why big data helps in digital marketing are

    • Big data helps to understand your customers in a finer way. Marketing teams document  their business strategies, meetings and conclusions via a digital trail in which tracking tools ad analytical tools help measure and analyze what amount of digital content is gaining popularity and which one needs more attention.
    • Big data has got tremendous attention over past few years and people have learnt how to collect and manage data. Companies that have learnt how to analyze this data have been successful in increasing ROI and make quick decisions.
    • Real time results are equally got in case of big data as it gives the detail analytics of all the content being accessed, and content which needs improvement. Local audience are targeted after changes are made to the campaign. This way, it will help digital marketers to make necessary improvements.
    • A whole lot of advertising budget is separately kept for digital marketing. Using big data, companies are trying to optimize their marketing campaigns and make real time modifications.


Generating income by Means of Affiliate Marketing.

Generating income is a complex feat simply because not everyone goes out of their comfort zones and comes back with tons of money in their pocket. Money does not grow on trees or you cannot simply get to pick coins outside the streets. Money comes to people who truly work hard. Wait, now, this is a more complex responsibility.

Many individuals say that in order for you to find the appropriate gig that would aid you in having significant amount of money is to look for which suits up your preferences, passion in life, and most importantly, your interest. This is practically true in all aspects. But even if your interests are founded in the internet, you need not to worry because they can still give you the profit destined for your needs.affiliate-marketing

One of the most efficient and effective ways to generate money in the internet is by means of affiliate marketing. If you are hooked in to advertisements, writing contents, promotions, and other social media planning, this may be the perfect gig for you. In the realm of affiliate marketing, you generate money by coming up with efficient referrals to a particular company or brand, so to speak. You are asked to supplement a product or brand to internet audience and have them purchase it. You can perform this by initializing an internet accounts for the said brand simply by posting contents and articles on your own blog.

A very effective industry that goes hand in hand with affiliate marketing is travel business. This is because of the tremendous efforts by resort and travel clubs to attract customers using internet marketing. The purpose is to generate subscription and memberships by linking into a market of broader reach. This also includes travelers and tourists from other parts of the world.

When you perform affiliate marketing for a travel company, each successful referral will earn you a commission. You can build a website that is specifically destined for the travel club’s promotion. Inside it, you can post contents about what the business can offer the audience. As soon as a specific customer becomes engaged in it, you may begin the process of membership referral. Inevitably, the travel company of which you are considered as an affiliate would give you a commission that is based on the membership grant that your referral has paid for.

There are several packages that you can showcase when you perform affiliate marketing. In travel companies, the most effective package that you can give and will supplement you a better rate in terms of commission is the premier package. The bonuses and perks of this kind of package would be known by the travel company. But since it would accumulate a bigger income for the travel company as the premier package is priced at a larger fee, the commission that you would obtain is also larger as it has direct proportion to the fee being charged to the customer.

And because of significant returns in its financial aspect, tons of individuals are now attempting to deal with affiliate marketing.  But before you can be regarded as an affiliate, you have to ensure that you know are well versed on the niche that you will be promoting. As in any regular marketing and selling gig, individuals would trust you a lot if they feel that you know anything and everything about that particular niche. The more confidence audience put in you, the bigger your chances of having network of referrals.

Affiliate marketing is truly an effective way of generating money in the internet. You have a tried and tested formula to channel with so you should not worry in its operations. This would also give you the security against scams because being an affiliate gives you the freedom to link with a network with members who possess sound and upright credentials.