5 Trends for Digital Marketing for 2014.

With the growing popularity of digital marketing, the need for using advanced technologies and devices which help communicate digitally is also growing very rapidly. People have been crazily using devices such as mobiles, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc in order to transfer messages and content digitally. Also more improvised versions of marketing is growing popular amongst the current generation using these digital devices. Hence there is a drastic shift in the digital marketing trend these days.

Having worked in the digital marketing field for a couple of years now, our company has been following these digital marketing strategies to increase our digital marketing and sales.

1-Content is still the King!

Content is the master driving force in any marketing strategy. There are various types of content to be supported :

  • Text Content

    This is a plain text content without any images. It might include links to other sources and the text pertaining to the actual content. This text content is very useful if main theme for digital item to be marketed is highlighted in the content.

  • Infographics

    These are graphical representation or visual presentation of the information that need to be expressed while marketing the digital content.

  • Video Content

    These days people tend to promote their content through videos rather than doing it just text content. People remember more clearly and specifically if they visually see the main idea that is explained behind the digital marketing

2-Social Signals Getting More and More Value.

Social media is a carrier force for digital marketing these days

  • Google+

    Google+ being the second largest social network of users with over 300 million users who help boost digital marketing.

  • Twitter

    The more you tweet and promote your digital content, the more it reaches people be it friends, relatives or circle in a group.

  • Facebook

    Likes This is the most common tool anyone is using these days. Hence if you share your digital data, it is going to spread like fire.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

We target such a location where most people tend to be active these days. This makes it even easier to sell the digital content to the targeting market as it is popular through the social media tools.

  • 3-Mobile Accessible Websites Win The Game.

    With the growing trend of vast majority people using mobile phones which act as a powerful tool   is attracting huge number of followers. In digital marketing, requirements are constantly changing and the need to satisfy these changes are also increasing. With the growing usage of devices such as mobile/smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices, marketing strategies are shifting from publishing content in web to mobile and many of these smart phone devices. Your site content should be supported both online and on mobiles.

    With the growing needs of using mobile content, its popularity is increasing day by day amongst all. 93% of content marketers tend to use these sites for their promotion and digital marketing and is expected to increase even more in the year ahead. Also, it is very easy for shopping content through mobile as they can purchase the the products and services from smart phones more conveniently.

    4. Search Engines find information that People are liking.

    You can promote digital content and gain higher hits to your site using web and mobile pages. The more informative the website is, more people can trust you, your site and the content you gain from users and search engines.  Generating affiliate income is growing its popularity day by day. People are using PTC, Google adsense, adwords and many other for generating affiliate income. The more the content is liked, page hits and ad clicks increases, hence affiliate income increases since PTC increases.

    5-Big Data Marketing keep Getting Bigger.

    Big data marketing has every potential to lead the marketing world if you utilize it appropriately. It is similar to a secret raw material used to flavor digital marketing. Big data is really a great deal in digital marketing. The reasons why big data helps in digital marketing are

    • Big data helps to understand your customers in a finer way. Marketing teams document  their business strategies, meetings and conclusions via a digital trail in which tracking tools ad analytical tools help measure and analyze what amount of digital content is gaining popularity and which one needs more attention.
    • Big data has got tremendous attention over past few years and people have learnt how to collect and manage data. Companies that have learnt how to analyze this data have been successful in increasing ROI and make quick decisions.
    • Real time results are equally got in case of big data as it gives the detail analytics of all the content being accessed, and content which needs improvement. Local audience are targeted after changes are made to the campaign. This way, it will help digital marketers to make necessary improvements.
    • A whole lot of advertising budget is separately kept for digital marketing. Using big data, companies are trying to optimize their marketing campaigns and make real time modifications.


Best practices for Digital media planning.

Digital media advertisement is quite essential for every business. That is why you need to have a good plan for using digital media to your advantage. Digital media planning is a vast subject that can’t be mastered over night but with the help of some tips and methods you can improve your digital media planning skills to help your businesses.
As the landscape of digital media keeps changing, you need to have solid plan as well as a backup plan to go with the changes. Some marketer says that it’s best to use sites that have higher ranking but that’s not always that case. Sometimes you will find sites that don’t rank too high but target the people you are looking for. As long as that site has relevant content you should use it regardless of what its ranking is, best thing to do is use some tool to find a good ranking website that targets the same people as you.
Three things you need to keep in mind when planning for digital media, your campaign launch plan as in how you are going start your digital media campaign, your optimization plan as in how you are going to optimization your campaign one you have start and Digital marketing

your site change plan which is needed when you have to change websites.
Once you have mapped out a good plan and started your campaign, it’s time to use the different features of digital media to your advantage. You should spread your campaign to different social and mobile platforms and use retargeting to help with your campaign. You should always keep track of your campaign, so you can fix or improve your campaign if needed.
As always, your message should be clear and simple. Providing the right information without making your message look bad is the key thing. Always remember you goals and stay focus, most marketer start using different websites that do not share the same targeted people as them. As a result their campaign is slowed and they have to work harder to reach their goals.
When it comes to digital media buying, you should always make sure that you have the complete knowledge of the deal. Always work with publishers that are known to fulfill their promises and are quick to fix any issues you are facing. Most marketers make the mistake of trusting an unknown publisher and suffer as they lose time and money on a fake publisher.
In short, digital media planning is not a skill you can master over night. It takes some time to understand and use but once you start your campaign you get to learn the ways. Make sure you stay focused on your goals and use all the features that digital media provides. Most important thing to remember is to keep your messaged clean and easy to understand. Even if a visitor doesn’t click on your ad, they will still read it and it might benefit you later on.