Google’s Page Rank Update December 6th 2013.

On 6th October 2013 Google Head of Spam Department Matt Cutts tweet that there will be no more Page Rank Update in 2013. Then a user retweets, If its update before 2013?? Then Matt replied that it would be a Surprised.

After that many webmasters posting about that Google Page rank is dead. I have also Read this kinds of rumors. But today Suddenly Google update the Page Rank. I think this is the Charismas Gift from Google to webmasters. Page Rank Update

Google Also cleared that Page rank is no more major factor in Ranking of any Website as Quality Content, Social Engagement, and High Page Authority are.

We also got not a Big Change after this update but our Pr is Now N/A to “0”. And Alexa Rank is now 706188 from 3301516.