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An animated ad format to boost your
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Online videos are an undeniable juggernaut for tapping into the passions and interests of consumers – hooking them with compelling content that creates lucrative value for your business, your brand, and your website. We will deliver your online video campaigns with a well-strategized confidence. Adideo will make sure that your video campaign reaches the maximum audience of your scale.

We provide 100% transparency with our campaigns, so you will know what you are working with and what the results are, every step of the way. Ultimately, we want your online video campaign to translate into huge profits for you.

True view in-streaming  ads
True view in-search  ads
True view in-display  ads
  • In-stream ads play like a TV-style ad before, during or after another video from a YouTube partner
  • Your video appears in a spacial promoted section of the video search result pages on youtube, Google Video result, and video website
  • Your ads appers alongside other youtube video or on websites on our Network that match your target audience